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The Viladomat Group is a renowned company that specializes in chartering and sales of superyachts worldwide. With access to an impressive fleet of over 1400 superyachts, the Viladomat Group offers a wide range of options for clients who are looking for luxurious and memorable experiences on the water.

Charter Services: The Viladomat Group provides personalized charter services, allowing clients to select from a diverse collection of superyachts that cater to their specific preferences and requirements. Whether it's a romantic getaway, a family vacation, a corporate event, or a special occasion, the Viladomat Group can arrange a tailored charter experience to meet the needs of their clients. The charter services include access to professional crew, bespoke itineraries, gourmet cuisine, water toys, and other amenities to ensure a memorable and enjoyable yacht charter experience.

Sales Services: The Viladomat Group also offers sales services for those interested in owning a superyacht. With their extensive network and expertise in the luxury yacht industry, they can assist clients in finding the perfect superyacht that meets their specifications and budget. Their sales services include expert advice on yacht selection, negotiation assistance, legal and financial guidance, and comprehensive after-sales support.


Worldwide Access: The Viladomat Group has a global presence and offers charter and sales services for superyachts in various popular yachting destinations around the world. From the Mediterranean to the Caribbean, from the South Pacific to the Indian Ocean, the Viladomat Group has a wide network of superyacht partners and affiliates that allows them to offer access to an extensive selection of luxurious yachts in different regions.

In summary, the Viladomat Group is a reputable company that provides charter and sales services for superyachts worldwide, with a diverse fleet of over 1400 superyachts, ensuring that clients can find the perfect yacht for their luxury yachting experience.

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