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International Real Estate

What we don't have, we find!

Viladomat Group is a real estate company that offers a wide range of real estate services, including luxury real estate, off-market real estate, commercial real estate, as well as second homes and holiday homes through their subsidiary, Viladomat Properties. Their services cater to different types of properties and clients, providing a diverse portfolio of real estate options.

  1. Luxury Real Estate: Viladomat Group specializes in luxury real estate properties, catering to clients who are looking for high-end, premium properties that offer exclusive features, amenities, and locations. These luxury properties may include mansions, penthouses, villas, and other high-value properties in prime locations, designed to meet the needs and preferences of affluent buyers.

  2. Off-Market Real Estate: Viladomat Group also offers off-market real estate properties, which are not listed on public platforms or advertised openly. Off-market properties are often exclusive and available only through private networks or relationships, providing clients with access to unique and discreet opportunities in the real estate market.

  3. Commercial Real Estate: Viladomat Group provides services for commercial real estate, catering to businesses and investors who are looking to buy, sell, lease, or invest in commercial properties such as office buildings, retail spaces, industrial properties, and more. Their commercial real estate services may include market analysis, property valuation, lease negotiation, and investment advisory to help clients make informed decisions.

  4. Second Homes and Holiday Homes: Viladomat Group's subsidiary, Viladomat Properties, specializes in second homes and holiday homes. They offer a range of vacation properties, including beachfront homes, mountain retreats, and other types of vacation properties in popular destinations. These properties are often sought after by clients who are looking for a getaway or an investment property for vacation rentals.

Viladomat Group aims to provide comprehensive real estate services, catering to different types of properties and clients, and leveraging their expertise and network to offer unique and exclusive opportunities in the real estate market.

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