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Meet Roger Blikkberget, the visionary Founder and CEO of Viladomat Group. Originally hailing from Norway, Roger is a seasoned entrepreneur with a wealth of experience in international business and a proven track record as a successful Business Consultant. Over the years, he has spearheaded the establishment and management of companies across diverse regions of the world, gaining invaluable insights into various industries.

Roger's extensive international network of professionals has played a pivotal role in driving the expansion of Viladomat Group and ensuring the utmost satisfaction of our valued clients. His global connections enable us to offer innovative solutions and access unique opportunities that cater to our clients' evolving needs.

With a background deeply rooted in the Hospitality business, Roger's passion lies in combining the realms of real estate and hospitality. This powerful synergy has been the driving force behind Viladomat Group's success, as it allows us to create exceptional experiences and value for our clients in both sectors.

As our clients' demands grew to encompass the world of art, Roger responded with his characteristic foresight and dedication. To cater to these evolving needs and deliver professional art services, he established Viladomat Fine Art as a subsidiary of our group. This move solidified our commitment to providing a comprehensive and exceptional experience to our clientele.

Roger's leadership and innovative spirit are instrumental in propelling Viladomat Group toward its vision of global leadership, sustainability, and positive transformation across industries. His unwavering dedication to excellence, coupled with a deep understanding of our clients' diverse requirements, ensures that Viladomat Group continues to be at the forefront of the business consulting, real estate, hospitality, and art sectors.


Together, with Roger's guidance, we are committed to charting new paths of success and creating lasting value for all those we serve.

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