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Grupo Viladomat

March 9, 2014

Hello and welcome to Grupo Viladomats blog.  My name is Roger Blikkberget and I am the founder of the company.  Born and raised in the hospitality industry I know the business inside out.  It all started when I was 5 years old, my parents moved back to Norway after many years working in the hospitality business in Germany.  We moved to Furnes just outside Hamar, Norway.  There was a gas station, a garage and two houses, one for Ola Gundersens family and one for the Blikkberget family. Ola Gundersen was the Hotel director and my parents was responsable for the Food&Beverage areas(Cafeteria, Meeting rooms, Bar and Nightclub). This place was called Olrud Hotel and was soon going to be Norways biggest business hotel.  


In the 70's it was sold to Jan Rivelsrud and Rica Hotels.  Then we moved back to Elverum and my parents started their own new project in Hamar and another one in Elverum. This is the hospitality life, from one place to another, gaining experience untill you one day create something for yourself and settle down, at least for a while!


At 15 I got my first work was at Narvesen Bookshop&Recordstore as a extra after school, at 16 I was responable for the recordstore. At 18 I went to the army and when I come back in 83 I started working in an electric store and after a few months I was responsable for the TV&HIFI department. Here I also started a computer area(Commodore 64), then in 85 I started a clothing store with my uncle before I moved with my fiance to Oslo in 86.  Then it was telephone sales until I started to sell office machines(Gestetner, Toshiba and OKI).  


Then in 89 i left my fiance, my family and Norway.  I went to Tenerife and started as a timeshare seller, one year later I was responsable for my own scandinavian salesteam at the biggest timeshare resort in the world, The Beverly Hills Club.


Then I went home to take care of the family business after my father become ill and later died.  Then the Olympics was here and together with my mother we was involved in many hotelprojects, Atrhur Buchardt, The Carlson Group(Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group, Minneapolis) among others.  After the Olympics I moved to Russia(properties and hospitality) for a few years, then to Sweden before I finaly together with my wife and daughter was heading for Ibiza and Spain. Here we built up and sold several bars and restaurants. 


Then in 2001after a short stay in Barcelona I left my wife and me and my daughter moved to Alicante(where my mother was living).  Here I started to sell properties for Euroland Properties SL(Masa International) and that suited me very well, with my background and experience I become one of the top property advisors in Costa Blanca.


After 18 months it was time to start for myself and Premier Estates&Wellnes SL was born. Everyting went well untill some years later I met a french guy called Patrick Medina. Together we started Antheus Investments SL. in Alicante and S.A.R.L Antheus Investment in PAU, France.  Then in 2006 my life fell apart.  After a year with french investors, a lot of champagne and girls I was ruined, Mr. Medina had disappared(Interpool is still looking for him), the bank accounts was empty , my car was gone, my girlfriend left me and 6 months later my mother died and I had to send my daughter to her mother in Barcelona.  


Thanks to my good friends Roger Lacabarats, Paco Van Nuffelen, Espen Grændsen and my new girlfriend Sandra Jimena Calambas(now my wife) I got back on my feat and in 2008 we started Viladomat Investment SL in Madrid.  Today we call it Grupo Viladomat and the main company Viladomat Limited(Business Consulting) is based in Regent Street in London. Viladomat Properties and Viladomat Hospitality Consultants we operate from Spain and Norway.


This was a little introduction of myself.  I will write in the blog quite regulary and I will answer all your questions.


You can find out more about me at www.rogerblikkberget.com


Yours Sincerely


Roger Blikkberget



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