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Art Advisory

Navigating our clients through the complexities of the art market to a position of informed decision-making

We offer a highly discreet, personalized art advisory service that covers all aspects of building, managing and realizing the potential of a collection. Our advice is informed, as ever, by our art expertise and privileged knowledge of the market. With years’ of experience, we are in the strongest possible position to navigate our clients – first-time buyers, seasoned collectors, private individuals, families and corporations alike – through the complexities of the art market to a position of informed decision-making. We offer our clients a gateway to a global network of industry contacts and the finest specialists working in the field today.

Buying & Selling

A core element of Viladomat´s advisory service lies in handling the acquisition and sale of artworks. Working to our clients’ objectives, we can advise on a desirable changes or additions to a collection. We can also assist with every aspect of buying and selling from delivering the necessary research required to make an informed decision to negotiating contracts and terms, to providing art fair guidance and auction representation. With our finger on the pulse of the art market and access to a global network of contacts, auction house specialists and dealers, we provide collectors with immediate access to opportunities in the market as they arise.


Through our partners, we provide detailed, objective, fully researched and illustrated valuations for a number of specific purposes including insurance, tax planning, family division and charitable contributions.


We can arrange your exhibitions and events worldwide. We represent several artists and we have exhibitions from Salvador Dali, DaVinchi and more..

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