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Hospitality Consulting



  • Acquisition of Hotels and Resorts

  • Start-Ups

  • Comprehensive Assistance in Bar, Restaurants & Hotels Pre-opening

  • Culinary Task Force for Restaurants and Hotels Globally

  • Restaurants Kitchens and Kitchen Equipment Designing

  • H.A.C.C.P Standards Design, Auditing, and Enforcement

  • Culinary Staff Training in Continental and International Cuisines

  • Culinary Staff HR and Recruitment

  • Menu Engineering and Menu Design.

  • Culinary Trends Hunting and Trend Pushing

  • Expertise & Assistance in Culinary Promotions and Trade Shows

  • Food Styling & Photography - (Magazines, Retail, Presentations,  Promotions & Books)

  • Special Dinners and Events for VIP personalities

  • Knowledge in the latest Food Manufacturing Processes

  • Maintain Awareness of Current Trends in Consumer Buying

  • Maintain Awareness of Current Trends in Retail and Food




Our marketing & business strategies for hotels, restaurants, spas and bars are drawn from our vast body of knowledge and our decade of experience using strategic tools mixed with a whole lot of expert intuition.We take your objectives, define what your target customers want, develop tactics to engage them, carve a competitive edge, and get creative in the process.


  • Business Plans

  • Marketing Plans

  • Concept Development Plans

  • Consulting Days

  • Financial Modelling 

Please contact us for more information.


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